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CHiPA - it's all systems GO for a big weekend!


Central Highlands Imaging & Photographic Association - CHiPA to our friends - has had a very big year, but it's far from over! We have a huge weekend coming up starting on Friday 21 November with the running our final hands-on workshop for the year at the Gordon Public Hall at 7pm. The theme for the evening is "The Best of 2014" and we will be bringing back the most popular workstations from the nine workshops we've held this year. So grab your camera, bring a friend and come and see what CHiPA is all about. CHiPA Members attend free, friends & non-members $5. CHiPA is also holding a Photography Exhibition as part of the Strawberries & Cherries Festival in Bacchus Marsh on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 November. We are STOP 24 on the passport trail, so pop in to see us at the Supper Rooms on Main Street, Bacchus Marsh and check out the work of our wonderful members. At CHiPA we welcome photographers of all skill levels and ages. We don't mind if you take your photos using the camera in your smartphone, a compact camera or a DSLR - what matters to us is helping you to learn to make the most of the camera you have. Interested? To find out more, check out our website or email




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