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Digital Jottings: Macro Photography


Close-up and macro photography can be a most satisfying application of photography. You could easily gain the impression that it is an expensive technique requiring lots of expensive equipment.


While it is true that you will require some extra pieces of gear these need not be expensive.

The difference between close-up and macro is a matter of degree. A true macro is when the image on a full frame sensor is equal to or larger than the original subject. This is difficult to calculate when using digital photography.
The most cost effective extra gear would be a lens that focuses at a short distance. Many lenses are labelled macro when they really close focusing.

  •  Reversing rings.

  • Supplementary Close-up lenses.

  • Auto or manual extension tubes

  • Tripod and remote release.

  • Lots of patience.

As for some tips – turn off the auto focus and concentrate on focusing about a third of the distance through the subject. Choosing an f-stops less than f-11 may give you more problems than benefits.


Watch the background.

Take lots of images.

A compact camera may outperform your DSLR.

Peter Brady, Camberwell Camera Club



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