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Taking Notice of the 'Little Things' in your photography


In photography (and general life) it is important to pay attention to the little things!

Our daily lives are often a whirlwind - with emails, chores, caring for others, shopping, working, watching the clock... the list often seems endless!

By slowing down we can produce a better end result, regardless of what we are doing.  This definitely applies to photography.

  1. Check your camera bag. When you get ready for a shoot, remember to check your gear. There would be nothing worse than getting up at the crack of dawn to go to a location and realise you didn’t have enough battery life or had forgotten a key piece of equipment!
  2. Pre-visualisation. As part of your preparation and pre-visualisation of your photographs, should be dedicated to thinking about the small details.  For example, if you are photographing a family with a baby remember to photograph the babies hands and feet.  If you are outdoors photographing local street, look up and down and pay attention to the small creepers climbing up the brick wall or the shoes hanging off the telephone wires.  If you are on holiday, look for interesting signs or animal tracks in the sand.
  3. Watch out for cluttered backgrounds.  Messy elements in a background make for hours of work when post-processing! Part of developing as a photographer, is first looking at the main subject and then scanning the background.  If possible, scout the location before your pick up your camera, paying close attention to anything that could be problematic. For example, if you go to a local park such as Canterbury gardens, there are a number of considerations, like light poles and parked cars from certain angles.  There’s also nothing more annoying than having a pesky stick in the background of your favourite image of a bird and then realising later that it’s very difficult to edit it out.  It’s a great idea to train yourself to move a around a subject, shooting a number of images as you go. This way each image will have a slightly different background and you can then choose the best option.

By paying attention to the little things your photography skills will grow and you will be more open to seeing things in different ways.

Happy Shooting,

Rebecca Nicolandos

VAPS webmaster.



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