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VAPS Photography Judging Course


After a lot of planning the first new Judges Course run by VAPS was held at the Melbourne Camera Club on the 13th July. The speakers were:
• Ian Rolfe MAPS, AFIAP SSVAPS, a professional photographer with many years of experience as a judge at club level who spoke on the Emotion of photography and applying this to judging.
• Sheryle Griffiths, experienced photographer and judge, who gave a presentation on how to and how not to judge at the camera clubs.
• Paul Robinson AAPS, AFIAP, SSVAPS, SSAPS, a very experienced photographer and judge who is currently studying full time for a Bachelor of Creative Arts and who is the author of “A summary of Judging Photographs” gave two presentations:

  • Conceptual Visual Strategies and

  • Psychology of Judging

• Dr Alfred Zommers FAPS AFIAP SSVAPS, experienced photographer and judge who ran the session “Image Evaluation”.

A lot of feedback was received from the participants, mostly very positive, and as a result some small changes are being made to the curriculum for the next course which, due to the huge demand, will be run on the 12th October. 60 applicants attended the first course and of those 11 have already signed up to be judges. We hope that as the others gain experience within their own clubs some of them will also join the judges list.

We need more new judges in Victoria as many on the list have been giving service to camera clubs for many years and will eventually like to have a rest. The task does take some of your time but is certainly intrinsically rewarding from my perspective.

More training is being planned especially for existing judges in the form of workshops, seminars and forums as well as lectures by other experts in photography and art. Watch this space.

Alfred Zommers
Chair Judging Sub-committee









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