Mission Statement

Statement of Purpose

Victorian Association of Photographic Societies Inc

The Association will exist with the purpose of:

  • Being a non-discriminatory and non-profit association working only in the interests of photography and the affiliated clubs.
  • Advancing the art of photography and embracing all photographic mediums at all levels of skill.
  • Work openly and without bias in all matters.
  • Support and foster the interests of the affiliated clubs and support those clubs that manage National Competitions with financial donations as may be determined by the committee.
  • Foster interaction between VAPS and the affiliated clubs and external bodies as required.
  • Arrange an annual convention and interclub competition for the affiliated clubs.
  • Maintain regular policy standards for the benefit of clubs.
  • Ensure a positive and well-balanced committee made up of representatives of the affiliated clubs with no more than three members of any affiliated club being members of the committee at any one time.
  • Maintain an official journal or newsletter and web site containing relevant information for clubs and the public.
  • Resolve conflicts quickly and effectively.
  • VAPS recognises and respects the valuable contribution that its officers and committee make to the association, and will make every effort to ensure that its policies and practices are open, accessible and communicated as effectively as possible.