East Gippsland Photographic Society

Our club, the East Gippsland Photographic Society, was formed in 2008 by a small but dedicated group. We are based in Bairnsdale in East Gippsland and have many people travelling a fair distance, once a month, to our club workshops. We currently have approximately 60 members. Our photographers are from many walks of life and all different levels of photography.

An organised range of field trips to places local, regional, and further afield are well attended. Some are day trips, some weekends, and others of longer duration. We are always eager to network with other clubs at events or workshops. We have bi-monthly club competitions and guest judges who support us to encourage our members. We love to share our passion with others.

Attendance at local community events shows our commitment to reaching out to those who have an interest in photography in our regional area.

Our workshops include guest speakers, judges, and practical sessions. We have a website and a Facebook page which is open to members only.