Guidelines for hosting judges

Clubs should do the following when arranging judges:

  • Confirm in writing any phone or other verbal booking, well in advance of the judging date, and provide contact details for the judge as well as details of the venue, time and similar details.
  • Ensure the judge is clearly informed of the subject of the competition (and provide definitions for ‘set’ subjects)
  • Ensure the judge is clearly informed of the judging requirements (points to be awarded, the number of placings required, and so on)
  • Ensure the judge is informed of how the results are to be presented (for example, winners last or ad hoc)
  • Advise the judge if your club accepts digital edits of members’ images being shown or not.
  • Obtain a profile or some relevant details about the judge in order that he or she may be suitably introduced.
  • Arrange accommodation for the judge if he/she is required to travel a long distance.
  • Some time (say 2-3 weeks) before the competition, confirm with the judge that he or she is still available and arrange for delivery of entries to the judge at a suitable time.
  • Provide lists of entries in each section of the competition.


Clubs should do the following on judging nights:

  • Assign a club member to greet the judge on their arrival and introduce him or her to the president, image steward and other club officials and members as appropriate.
  • Endeavour to keep club business to a reasonable amount of time before the judge is introduced.
  • Ensure the judge is offered tea, coffee or other refreshments at the conclusion of the meeting.
  • Provide a contribution to the judge’s travel expenses depending on the distance the judge has to travel or extra time and effort taken in the case of remote judging.
  • Treat judges cordially and with respect. Judges, likewise, have a mutual obligation to treat club members and guests cordially and with respect.



1. Video recording or streaming judging
It is strongly recommended that clubs do not video record or Internet-stream judging. In the event that a club does wish to pursue video recording, it can only occur ONLY with the individual judge or presenter’s explicit permission being obtained at least one week in advance, providing the recordings are completely and securely contained under the club’s control.

2. Interaction with judge/s
Clubs and their members may encourage interaction with judges in a constructive way after the judging and during supper. Feedback can be helpful both to assist judges in their process of continuous improvement and also to clarify to members.

3. Complaints
Any complaints in relation to a judge or judges should, in the first instance, be relayed (marked confidential) to the Secretary, VAPS This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will deal with the matter, referring it to the President VAPS. Similarly, should a judge have a complaint about a club or club member/s, this should be referred, in the first instance (marked confidential), to the Secretary, VAPS.